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Why are my cards/tiles/tokens not exactly centered like in my file?

Production facilities run a hundred sheets through the press to calibrate it before they even print the bigger job, which is why you can get really high accuracy on the big production jobs. Most of our jobs are under a hundred sheets, so we can’t calibrate it to that level without a similar level of time/paper cost. Since we offer so many different sizes of cards / tiles,  and so many different types of paper, we can’t calibrate every single machine for that type of paper and that size card. If you need your job printed with a higher level of accuracy than our standard tolerances (see the formatting pages for each printed item for the exact tolerances!), we can do High Accuracy Mode, which costs about 50-70% more depending on the item, and doubles our accuracy for that job.

Placing a last-minute order for Gen Con? Be sure to submit everything by 7/19 in order to receive your package in time! This only applies to standard orders up to $600. Please reach out to our support team with any questions regarding timeline, rush shipping, or larger orders.