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What is the “File Check and Picture Proof” Option?

File Check – We will do a basic file check, checking for bleed on your artwork and making sure text is not getting cut off. We will check some of your files, but may not catch every pixel!

Picture Proof – This option gives you a glimpse of your product before we ship it out. We will send you one or two pictures of your product after we print up just 1 copy of it. This is useful in case you notice something about your order that you’d like to change, we can fix the problem here and save you from having to pay for shipping twice!

If you include this service in your order, the picture proof will be sent before we ship. Keep in mind that choosing the picture proof option could push your ship out date to a later date since we need to await your response. Note you can make changes to files at this point, but you cannot cancel the order since we’ve already processed and printed a portion of, or in some cases all of, the order. If you want to reprint any parts of your orders (due to file issues on your end), you will have to pay for those.