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My tracking number isn’t updating?

Tracking Number — You will receive the “Your order has been shipped” email that includes your tracking number from us before your package has been picked up by the delivery service. You may not see your tracking number update for 24 hours while the delivery service gets the delivery under way.

Once your package is in the hands of the delivery service, it is out of our hands

— Please know that your tracking number is not trackable overseas. The US based delivery service may get some updates from the international delivery service, but this varies widely.

— We are unable to contact international delivery services to follow up on the status of your package and can only see the same information you are able to see.

— We are unable to get a refund or even ask for a followup before receiving a report from the delivery service which can take up to 30 days after no movement in tracking.

— Once we have received a report from the delivery service, we will follow up on your package!