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I don’t know how to create and format files for printing. Can you do this for me?

We do not create images for the items you are ordering. There is a wonderful community of graphic artists and designers that will be much better suited to help you create files. Here are some great options:

 — Cole Munro-Chitty is an artist and graphic designer we are happy to recommend. Cole is familiar with our production methods and is a good communicator. Email Cole at

 — Check out the Graphic Design forum on .

 — Dive into the world of design yourself. GIMP ( and ( are both great free image manipulation programs. We provide JPG, PNG, PDF, AI and PSD template files to help you in the design process.

 — If you have your images already prepared for the items you wish to order, for a fee we can place your images into the appropriate template required for our process. Send your formatting request details to us using our Contact form.

Placing a last-minute order for Gen Con? Be sure to submit everything by 7/19 in order to receive your package in time! This only applies to standard orders up to $600. Please reach out to our support team with any questions regarding timeline, rush shipping, or larger orders.