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How is my order packaged?

We will normally stick game parts and pieces inside of boxes. If it’s obvious, we can try to separate out the components by game if you buy multiple games. In general, if you order both cards and tuckboxes, we will stick cards in tuck boxes if it’s very clear what cards go in what tuck boxes. We will attempt to bag pieces or cards together by type or by game if possible. If it is very clear that you are ordering multiple games (ie, everything is in qty of 10), then we usually bag each game up with its own set of pieces. However, we do not guarantee that everything will be sorted exactly how you want! If you order a bunch of blank parts, we will sort by each type, but not by sheet. Cards do not come sorted any particular way; if you need them sorted, let us know! If you need the games/cards/pieces bagged or sorted in a particular way, add that info to the Order Notes section or email us after you place your order. Die cuts are pre-punched, so your game is ready to play out of the box!

Placing a last-minute order for Gen Con? Be sure to submit everything by 7/19 in order to receive your package in time! This only applies to standard orders up to $600. Please reach out to our support team with any questions regarding timeline, rush shipping, or larger orders.