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Can I change/cancel my order?

If the order you wish to make changes to is not shipped, we might be able to make changes to your order for you.

 — To maintain our current turnaround (which may be as fast as two business days!), we begin processing your order very soon after it is submitted. Any files that you submitted may be printed as is, and may not be available to be changed. Contact us right away if you have changes / file fixes needed with your order!

 — Use our Contact form to request your changes.

 — Write/state the order number being discussed in all communication.

 — A $5 change fee will charged in addition to the cost of the items being added, if we let you know that your requested changes can be made.

 — If you place another order before we ship your current order, tell us in the order notes of the new order that you wish to combine the orders. Make sure to send an email or call so we don’t ship the first order before seeing your request!

 — If you wish to cancel your order, let us know right away. Any items already printed will not be refunded. See our Terms & Conditions page.