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Make sure you review our Main Formatting Page regarding bleed and basic template use! And then see the special notes for your item below as well as the templates. Some of these templates use our old template design, see below. The only difference is the bleed colors are different.

Using Our Templates: Color Standard

  • White is our safe color. All images or text within the white area will be safe and preserved to your final product.
  • Black is our cut line. This is the intended border or edge of your card, counter, board, etc.
  • Blue is suggested bleed. Anything in the blue may or may not end up in the final product.
  • Red is the cut away area. Anything in the red will not be in the final product.

Make sure to remove all of these layers, Especially the cut lines before uploading!


All Sticker Templates

Name Dimensions
Circles .50”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles .66”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles .75”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles .90”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles 1.00”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles 1.20”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles 1.50”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Circles 2.00”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares .50”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares .75”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares .90”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares 1.00”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares 1.25”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Squares 1.50”  AI  PSD  PDF  JPG PNG
Rectangles .59″ x 2.52”    PSD  PDF  JPG
Rectangles 2.625″ x 1.00”    PSD  PDF  JPG
4.25″ x 2.00″    PSD  PDF  JPG
Polyhedrals D 8  AI  PSD  PDF  JPG
Polyhedrals D 10    PSD  PDF  JPG
Polyhedrals D 12    PSD  PDF  JPG
Polyhedrals Numbered Dice    PSD  PDF  JPG


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Uploading to the Website 

ALL of the templates will specify how you need to export the files to upload successfully to the website. We provide many file types for ease of design, but we may not accept all of those types. Exporting exactly as the template says will ensure your game looks like it looks on your screen!