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Custom Printed Prototypes

We have added new cutting tools to allow for custom shapes of all of our items: Tokens, Boards, Cards, Screens, even adding on extra layers such as dual layer boards!

Custom shape cards and screens are printed on the cardstock of your choice and are cut using a plotter or laser. The plotter works well on rounded shapes. Since the blade on the plotter pulls through the paper, it can easily tear sharp cornered shapes, so we find that the laser cutter works better for turning sharp corners (squares, triangles, etc.). Feel free to contact us first for more information on which machine would be best to use for your project!

Custom shape boards and tokens are cut out using a laser cutter. These items are printed onto label and mounted onto chipboard, and will be coated in a standard gloss UV coating before cutting. This will help to keep charring from the laser minimal and allow for our team to wipe clean most of the residue from the surface of the pieces before shipping to you.

Make sure you review our Main Formatting Page regarding bleed and basic template use! And then see the special notes for your item below as well as some example templates.

  • Once again we suggest at least 2mm of bleed for each token
  • Keep each separate shape .25inch apart.

Large Sheets

  • Sometimes you need to be on two different sheets, front and back.
  • Some times the front and back are different files, depending on the file.
  • These are top mirror aligned like double sided cards.
  • Take careful note of where the backs line up.
Large Die Cut Tokens

Templates EXAMPLES

We have examples in Illustrator format (.ai), but we accept any standard vector formats (.ai or .eps commonly).

We don’t need you to make all the bleed lines, we just need a single layer, with all the cut paths in a single layer. We need simple paths, nothing extra.

If you have folds, make sure to provide a separate layer with the “fold” lines. Paper folds will just crease, chipboard folds will cut half way through the material on one side to allow it to fold.

If you have pieces that need to slot together, we recommend 1.6mm for the slot for our chipboard pieces.

Uploading to the Website 

Template ExamplesPrintable
Size to
Custom Shaped Cards11″ x 17″12″ x 18″, PortraitPDFAI
Custom Box Insert, Screens (with creases)11″ x 17″12″ x 18″,
Custom Stickers11.5″ x 17.5″13″ x 19″, LandscapePDFAI
Custom Shaped Tokens (blade cut)
Varies*Currently Unavailable
Custom Shaped Tokens (large pieces, laser cut)8″ x 10.5″*Contact for more info
Custom Shaped Tokens (small pieces, laser cut)12.5″ x 18.5″*Contact for more info
Custom Shaped Folding Boardup to
*Contact for more info

*Note that this is just an estimate, the template examples have certain areas which are not printable.

When uploading to the website, we need both the vector cut file (ai,eps) and the actual printed image (sizing will vary based on the product, make sure you upload a jpg or png that is 300 dpi for best printing quality.)

For the custom tokens, you will need to count the number of “shapes” or “paths” on the file. Every path we cut out counts, so dual layer boards for example will count all the little cut out boxes.

Important! Remove cut layers before upload – AI Example: File → Export → Export As: JPG or PNG, [x] Use Artboards

Placing a last-minute order for Gen Con? Be sure to submit everything by 7/19 in order to receive your package in time! This only applies to standard orders up to $600. Please reach out to our support team with any questions regarding timeline, rush shipping, or larger orders.