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We will normally stick game parts and pieces inside of boxes. If it’s obvious, we can try to separate out the components by game if you buy multiple games. In general, if you order both cards and tuckboxes, we will stick cards in tuck boxes if it’s very clear what cards go in what tuck boxes. We will attempt to bag pieces or cards together by type or by game if possible. If it is very clear that you are ordering multiple games (ie, everything is in qty of 10), then we usually bag each game up with its own set of pieces. However, we do not guarantee that everything will be sorted exactly how you want! If you order a bunch of blank parts, we will sort by each type, but not by sheet. Cards do not come sorted any particular way; if you need them sorted, let us know! If you need the games/cards/pieces bagged or sorted in a particular way, add that info to the Order Notes section or email us after you place your order. Die cuts are pre-punched, so your game is ready to play out of the box!

Tracking Number — You will receive the “Your order has been shipped” email that includes your tracking number from us before your package has been picked up by the delivery service. You may not see your tracking number update for 24 hours while the delivery service gets the delivery under way.

Once your package is in the hands of the delivery service, it is out of our hands

— Please know that your tracking number is not trackable overseas. The US based delivery service may get some updates from the international delivery service, but this varies widely.

— We are unable to contact international delivery services to follow up on the status of your package and can only see the same information you are able to see.

— We are unable to get a refund or even ask for a followup before receiving a report from the delivery service which can take up to 30 days after no movement in tracking.

— Once we have received a report from the delivery service, we will follow up on your package! 

Yes, we ship internationally! Check the shipping calculator in the cart for prices!

Yes we do! If you live in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR area you are welcome to pick up your order from our shop. We will let you know as soon as your game is ready for pickup. Local pickup orders will be available for pickup the day after they would normally ship. Example: Your order would normally ship on Tuesday. Your order will be available for pickup any time the next business day.

There will be WA state sales tax charged for all local pickup orders.


Yes, that is our specialty, just submit a request through the custom quote page, and we can get it to you when you need it! We can print and ship nearly as fast as you want, but there are usually some substantial rush charges associated with big orders/overnight shipping. We are happy to quote this for you.

Our Contact form is the best way to send us large print files. Make sure to tell us the order number the files belong to and any other details required. You can place an order without uploading files, tell us in the order notes when you check out that you’re sending files – and how they are being sent. Other options for getting us large print files include sending us a Dropbox link to the files (get a Dropbox account free here). Or, you can use WeTransfer to send us the files (send to:

My Orders Link  If you were logged in when you made your order, you can go to the “My Orders page”, as shown and linked above. You can click the “order again” link (circled in red) to place a new order with the same files as that last order. Note it will NOT add the files to the cart again, but when we print the order, we’ll use the old files. You CAN change the qty of items in the cart, but if you don’t change the qty of everything by the same amount (IE, changing qty 1 to 3 for all items), let us know in the order notes what needs to be changed. You can add new items to the cart as well and change the shipping address. If you weren’t logged in, let us know, we can add your old order to your account for easy reorder.

For fastest processing, add the original order number in the order notes as well!
Note that you can only reorder a single order at a time, every time you click “Order again”, it will replace all the items in your cart with that original order’s items.

If the reorder link is giving you errors, contact us and we’ll get it figured out for you!

When certain programs (Indesign/Photoshop/other 3rd party editing tools) export to pdf, they sometimes have various layers which might show up fine in your pdf viewer, but might show up different on another pdf viewer, or more especially in the processing engine on the printer. This might lead to layers being moved to the wrong section or not showing up. So submitting as a single layer png or jpg will remove that potential issue. Note for some uploads (custom boxes, rules), we do allow for pdfs.

We are a print shop, similar to how Kinkos won’t sign an NDA to print your files, we generally won’t as well. The only thing we will do with your files and information (as listed in our terms and conditions), is print your game.

When do you make an exception?
If it’s from a big company or a well known brand, we might sign an NDA, but in general, it’s not worth our lawyer’s time to review and advise on small print jobs, where our profit is minimal. We believe that our terms and conditions will cover the majority of print jobs. We have all our employees sign NDAs as well, to better protect your projects as well.

Here are a few threads from different places that refer to playtesting games and NDAs, and this is the general consensus from the internet people:

We do not double check files. Make sure you pay attention to how we need things formatted, especially regarding sizing, bleed, orientation. You are responsible for any files that you submit to us. If they are uploaded incorrectly, this will be reflected in the printing.


Yes please feel free to contact us for custom projects and quotes. To get your quote, we will need all printed files as well as a description of what each file is. Please also include the shipping information. Quotes are good for 60 days.

If you are comparing your printed product to what you see on your monitor, in short, printers and monitors produce color in different ways. Monitors use the RGB (red, green, blue) color model, which usually supports a wider spectrum of colors. Printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color model, which can reproduce most—but not all—of the colors in the RGB color model. Also, the monitor is projecting light AT you, while the printed page just reflects its colors.

The best way to account for color differences is to order a sample print first!

If you need exact color matching on an order, please let us know beforehand. We will need a physical sample of the print you want to match.

The colors on current orders may or may not match exactly to your previous orders.

This material is sometimes called “cardboard”, but in the paper industry it is known as “chipboard”. Our chipboard is 100% recycled paper material. We use chipboard to make tokens, boxes, and more. Blank chipboard is about 1.2mm thick and white on both sides. The label paper that we use to print tokens, boxes, and boards adds to the thickness, so once it is printed on both sides the final product is ~1.4mm thick.

Production facilities run a hundred sheets through the press to calibrate it before they even print the bigger job, which is why you can get really high accuracy on the big production jobs. Most of our jobs are under a hundred sheets, so we can’t calibrate it to that level without a similar level of time/paper cost. Since we offer so many different sizes of cards / tiles,  and so many different types of paper, we can’t calibrate every single machine for that type of paper and that size card. If you need your job printed with a higher level of accuracy than our standard tolerances (see the formatting pages for each printed item for the exact tolerances!), we can do High Accuracy Mode, which costs about 50-70% more depending on the item, and doubles our accuracy for that job.

We do not create images for the items you are ordering. There is a wonderful community of graphic artists and designers that will be much better suited to help you create files. Here are some great options:

 — Cole Munro-Chitty is an artist and graphic designer we are happy to recommend. Cole is familiar with our production methods and is a good communicator. Email Cole at

 — Check out the Graphic Design forum on .

 — Dive into the world of design yourself. GIMP ( and ( are both great free image manipulation programs. We provide JPG, PNG, PDF, AI and PSD template files to help you in the design process.

 — If you have your images already prepared for the items you wish to order, for a fee we can place your images into the appropriate template required for our process. Send your formatting request details to us using our Contact form.

If you have Adobe Illustrator, you use our AI files to export the exact templates we need. If you are having trouble getting the correct file types to export, follow these steps. Remember, you can’t upload AI files, you need to export as .jpg or .png .

  1. File -> Export -> Export As…

2. Make sure “Use Artboards” is checked, and you have the range set to the correct artboards you want to use.

3. Make sure the Resolution is set to 300 DPI for highest printing quality.

4. Upload to our website on the appropriate product page, and then after it’s uploaded, click “add to cart”.

All printed products from Print & Play are printed locally in Washington or here in the USA. Plastic + Wood game parts may come from overseas. Products from our parent company Admagic are made both in the US and abroad.

There are links to Board Game Geek, (the number one site for board games!) on each game page, so you can go check out reviews, pictures, files, and more. We will be using the most updated files we have at the time for that game.

Download our logo for use on promotional material that we have approved here.


-Checking all files for noticeable alignment or sizing errors that may result in misprinted items.  We’re unable to check for spelling errors, color matching, or insufficient bleed area.

-One copy of each item on the order will be fully printed and constructed for a Picture Proof, which will be sent to the email provided on the order.

-If no changes are required and the proof is approved, the rest of the items will be constructed and the order will be shipped out.

-If changes ARE required, new files can be submitted for any unprinted components of the order.  Please note that we’re unable to offer refunds on products that have already been printed, even if revisions are desired.  Any replacements for printed components will require an additional purchase.

-If this additional purchase is desired, we will run a second file check on the updated files, print a second proof copy, and wait for approval before shipping.

-If a second picture proof warrants further changes, a second File Check and Picture Proof fee will be charged.  The process will then repeat as above.

-Keep in mind that choosing the picture proof option could push your shipment to a later date since we need to await your response. You can make changes to files at this point, but you cannot cancel the order since we’ve already processed and printed a portion of, or in some cases all of, the order. If you want to reprint any parts of your orders (due to file issues on your end), additional payment will be required. 

There will be WA state sales tax charged for all local pickup orders or orders shipped to WA state addresses.

If you select Rush Processing:  We’ll start working on your order as soon as we receive it, it’ll go to the top of our queue. If there are issues with your order (file issues, or timing issues due to holidays, rush, staffing, shipping), we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. This does not guarantee your order will ship within 24 hours, but we will do our best to make sure we get it to you when you need it by! If you need your order guaranteed to arrive by a certain date though, please mention it in the order notes and we’ll try to make  sure that happens. 

Social Media – This give us permission to share your project on social media! We may share it right away or we may wait to post about your project. If no contact info is included in the order notes, then we might not get to tracking down how best to tag you. And, we may just be crazy busy and not get to posting! Please feel free to reach out and include us in your social media plans. We do love to share what we do for our customers!

Insurance*This is by default turned on! However you can always opt out of insurance. This is package insurance regarding shipping. If your package is determined “lost” by the carrier, or is received damaged, we will reprint the order and ship to you for free. If you receive your items and they are damaged, please contact us and send pictures of your damaged items. If part of your order is damaged, we will only reprint the damaged parts, not the full order. Shipping with any carrier, there is always the possibility of error – this is out of our hands and is the responsibility of the carrier. Package insurance guarantees that we will follow up with the shipping service that your package was shipped with, and if needed, get you the reprinted parts that you need. We cannot contact international carriers (once the package has left the USA). If you are in contact with your international carrier regarding a lost package, we will fill out any necessary forms, but we cannot directly contact your international provider.


Mid 2018 we transitioned to a new website. The old ordering system you may have used is incompatible with the ordering system we now use.

 — If you are looking to reorder an order originally placed with us using an old website/order system, you will need to reload your print files using the new system.

 — If you do not have access to your print files, ask us to check and see if we have them archived.

 — We do not promise to store print files longer than 6 months.

If the order you wish to make changes to is not shipped, we might be able to make changes to your order for you.

 — To maintain our current turnaround (which may be as fast as two business days!), we begin processing your order very soon after it is submitted. Any files that you submitted may be printed as is, and may not be available to be changed. Contact us right away if you have changes / file fixes needed with your order!

 — Use our Contact form to request your changes.

 — Write/state the order number being discussed in all communication.

 — A $5 change fee will charged in addition to the cost of the items being added, if we let you know that your requested changes can be made.

 — If you place another order before we ship your current order, tell us in the order notes of the new order that you wish to combine the orders. Make sure to send an email or call so we don’t ship the first order before seeing your request!

 — If you wish to cancel your order, let us know right away. Any items already printed will not be refunded. See our Terms & Conditions page.