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Three Sections

Welcome! This page is split into three sections each with excellent links to explore. First, written content, then audio and video content, and finally links to help you find game reviewers. All together these make up an amazing spectrum of content providers. Our hobby is amazing! Enjoy.

Blogs, Forums, and More

“The Best Game Design blogs from thousands of top Game Design blogs in our index using search and social metrics.”
“Here are the game design resources that I’ve personally found most useful in my new day job. (Now I know where to go when I need to re-order something!)”
“This Wiki page is intended to gather on-line resources such as design advise, offers for help, materials and components, prototype construction tips, etc.”
Game Design
“Aspiring game designers can find a wealth of resources online, with professional organizations, free courses, and digital literature guiding readers through the process of game writing, level design, animation, and marketing.”
“This is an alphabetical listing of known gaming blogs, both active and dormant. Some have RSS feeds.”

Podcasts, Videos and More

Six Board Game Industry Podcasts You Should be Listening to.
“Best Game Design podcasts we could find”
“Given the dramatic life in popularity of tabletop and board gaming, it’s no surprise that board game podcasts are on the rise. Here are some of our favorites, and why we enjoy them.”
“Can you suggest any good game design podcasts?”


Find Game Reviewers Here!

“Is there a list of popular board game reviewers?”
“What are your top 5 list of Board Game Reviewers?”
10 Board Game Reviewers You Should Know About
Article #16 – The Motherload List of Reviewers