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Hi. We are Here to Help Get Your Games to ALL the Tables!

At Print & Play Admagic we take pride in providing the high-quality products and services needed to make your tabletop game vision a reality. We are a print shop catering to the production of customized and prototype games. We can print one or one thousand copies of your games. YES, we do single copies!

Our goal is to ship your project within 2 business days. Every order is handled by a human being during the production process in order to guarantee that it receives the personalized attention your project deserves.

How to Use this Site to Make Your Game

a) Research what components you wish to order for your prototype on the components page.

b) Review our formatting guidelines for each type of component we will be printing for you, please, to best use our templates and help us make your project look great.

c) Download the appropriate template files needed for your project and prepare the files you will be sending us.

d) Complete your component list, get them into your online shopping cart, and place your order.

Once you have ordered, you will be hearing from us soon!

Follow Formatting and Template Links for Further Instructions

Thanks for using Print & Play Admagic for your project! Remember, we can do custom work in addition to all the standard shapes and sizes you see.