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Strategy game, casual, 2 players   From the Lore of Warcastle: An ancient strategy game created long before the Ith’s Empire’s Golden Age of Roses. Victor was played in every corner of its global dominion. Even long after the fall of the Empire, through the Grey Death and the Age of Ashes. The people of the splintered world of Omra still play this timeless strategy game. Hello and welcome to our first mobile game release of Victor. A two player strategy game where the each player controls eleven pieces, and battle to hold the victory tile or take out the opposing Legate. Each piece has a certain number of points of movement as each tile requires a different cost to move into- creating a topographic-like game. This creates various strategies in this unique casual table-top game. If you are a fan of chess or checkers, come check it out.   For more information: and/or follow us at: @warcastle_games  

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Small Box Single piece board Small tokens