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Valor & Victory



Link to Board Game Geek Page for more information on the game

Valor & Victory is a game of WWII Squad-Level Combat. Valor & Victory puts you in command of the troops and machines that fought across the battlefields of World War II.


Different versions of the game:

Starter Set:
6 Cardstock Maps
B W Rules
Color Scenario Booklet w/ 3 Scenarios (H1-H3)
German and American Infantry, Support Weapons and Vehicles
Tracking counters and fortification counters
(No box)

Full Official set:
The maps are mounted. Includes all maps and counters currently available officially.
1134 3/4" unit, support weapons, tracking counters (American, British, German, Russian)
396 7/8" vehicle and fortification counters
19 8" by 13" maps.
Color Rulebook
3 scenario sheets
2 dice
Telescoping Box

25 Fan Made Scenario booklet (authors include Felbrigg Herriott, Shaun Austin, Heroic Monkey and Greg Gresik - with permission)

Deluxe set - includes the Full official set, the scenario booklet and fan made unit sets:
Italian Units
French Units
Shuan Austin's Vehicle Set
29th Division US Infantry set

Japanese Infantry

Rules are the  V&V D 1 Standard Game Rules.



Barry says that we can continue printing this for people, as he hasn't had the time to work on this project for a while! "Also, whenever I get around to the new V&V stuff I'd still like you to PNP it, and if I ever finish any of my other game designs I'd be happy to send them your way as well." So we're excited for that too! The new D 1 (no ETA on this) by Barry may make this set outdated, fyi.