Valor & Victory

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NOTE: Barry says that we can continue printing this for people, as he hasn’t had the time to work on this project for a while! “Also, whenever I get around to the new V&V stuff I’d still like you to PNP it, and if I ever finish any of my other game designs I’d be happy to send them your way as well.” So we’re excited for that too! The new D+1 (no ETA on this) by Barry may make this set outdated, fyi.

Rules are the  V&V D+1 Standard Game Rules.

Game Description:
Valor & Victory is a game of WWII Squad-Level Combat. Valor & Victory puts you in command of the troops and machines that fought across the battlefields of World War II.

Link to Board Game Geek Page for more information on the game

Version List:
Starter Set
6 Cardstock Maps
B+W Rules
Color Scenario Booklet w/ 3 Scenarios (H1-H3)
German and American Infantry, Support Weapons and Vehicles
Tracking counters and fortification counters
(No box)

Full Official set:
The maps are mounted. Includes all maps and counters currently available officially.
1134 3/4″ unit, support weapons, tracking counters
396 7/8″ vehicle and fortification counters
19 8″ by 13″ maps.
Color Rulebook
3 scenario sheets
2 dice
Telescoping Box

25+ Fan Made Scenario booklet (authors include Felbrigg Herriott, Shaun Austin, Heroic Monkey and Greg Gresik – with permission)

Deluxe set – includes the Full official set, the scenario booklet and fan made unit sets:
Italian Units
French Units
Shuan Austin’s Vehicle Set
29th Division US Infantry set

Version Deluxe, Full Official Set, Full Set (w/ scenario Booklet), Starter Set