Val d’Or

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Game Description:
In Val d’Or you operate a mine looking for success in Abittibi (a northern Quebec region).
To gain victory points you must extract gold, nickel, copper, iron and coal to sell them at the best price on the market. To help you in your work you will need: dynamite to reveal new ores, a shovel to charge ores in the wagon, the wagon to transport the ores and the pick to build new rails. Some characters with different skills can be useful too. The miner, the switchman, the prospector, the foreman and the trammer.
The market can be manipulated as you wish but be careful to reserve your place at the mine to transform your gain in victory points.

Contents List:
1 board (mine)
1 smaller board (quarry)
76 rails
4 doors
16 wagons
12 action cards
4 dice