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Secret Directive


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Secret Directive is a spy-themed deck-building tabletop game for 2-4 players and plays in around an hour. Players lead a team of spies and guide their government towards victory, at the same time misdirecting other countries.

Each turn, players use spies to carry out an action. Rather than aiming for victory points, players try to collect sets of intelligence cards. The more cards in the set, the more progress they can make on the development board. Other players can subvert these efforts with unwanted cards - the strength of a set is both its length and sameness!

Watch out for action cards like assassination (sidelines a spy), classified (trashes cards), parachutes, (to move spies quickly), sabotage (to reduce another players development), and more!


Contents List:

5 player boards
144 cards
48 circular tokens
1 player marker
1 set of rules
20 wooden square tiles with stickers
16 colorful cubes
1 dice
Fully printed box