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Custom Paper Money


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Your own printed paper money, printed one or both sides, full color or B+W, on colored paper! We recommend printing in color on the white paper, and BW on the colored paper. 

Pricing is per 8.5" x 11" size sheet. Our 2" x 4" money template reflects 10 bills per letter sheet.

Current color options for 20lb letter stock: blue, pink, goldenrod, salmon, green, canary, tan, cherry, orchid and white.

Please use one of the templates found at the bottom the Rules & Pads formatting page for our standard 2" x 4" size.

We can do bigger or smaller, your choice. Make sure to follow the formatting guidelines below for custom sizes.



Template lines will not be printed. Your image will be printed onto the front of the money pieces, and the backs will be blank. Ex:


If you want the same image printed front and back per denomination, you can upload one image both in the front and back upload sections. Ex: If you submit two different files per denomination - one for the fronts, one for the backs - we will print accordingly. Ex:  


  • Sheet size should be 8.5" x 11".
  • Crop marks and print should remain within 8" x 10.5" area on sheet which leaves enough room for printer margins.
  • Important text/images/border should remain at least 2mm inside of where the piece will be cut out. 

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