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Hookbox (18 Poker Cards)



Hook box for card games. You can get it printed, or fully blank for cheap prototyping.


Standard (295gsm paper, thick, shiny finish) (cheapest option!) Heavy (350gsm paper, thick, shiny finish)


Hookboxes are printed onto both sides since the box opens fully. See images for examples of what this looks like. For printing on both sides, please download the front (outer image) template as well as the back (inner image) template from the formatting page, linked below. To print your images on our sheets correctly. you need to use the proper template sheet. Lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page. You need to upload a file with the exact specifications for us to print it properly! This hook box template has two per sheet. If you are ordering more than one hook box, make sure to put one box on each of the box cut lines on the sheet. Example: If you are ordering 2 different hook boxes, put one of each design on the sheet, and put "qty 2".  If you are ordering 2 hook boxes that are the same, put the same design in both templates on the sheet.  The “QTY” box is for how many hook boxes you are ordering, NOT how many are on the sheet.


>> For formatting instructions and template downloads for this item, click here.


Dimensions: 3.55" by 2.55" by .23" Card Capacity: About 18 Cards.  

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