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Game Bits Grab Bag

$19.99 $4.99


Comes in one of our 9x12" clear plastic bags. All Grab Bags will include a wide variety of game bits.

*Limit 1 Per Customer

Parts Grab Bag - 1/2 lb
  • May include some regularly stocked bits that were dropped on the floor (unharmed) as we were filling an order.
  • May included some "siamese twin" bits. Please do any surgical procedures with care!
  • May include some discontinued bits that we don't want to bother offering separately.
  • May include some project leftovers.
  • May include some game bit samples sent to us that we do not intend to offer on our web store.
  • May include some misshapen misfit bits that have stowed away looking for a way off the Isle of Misfit Game Bits - which are, OF COURSE, adorable, usable, unique bits that can be seen as "full of character".
  • May include some blank diecut tokens or blank cards as well for your use.

  Grab Bag sales are final.  

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