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  "Welcome to the Duckaiju. You have been found worthy to participate in the production of Kaijuice. You will be guided by other Acolytes in this process. As you unlock more talents and abilities your value will attract those Devout members who want you to succeed within the organization. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. Be careful not to acquire too many Kaiju-Beans. They will make you sick. Pull up a stool and let’s get you started with your... um... administration. Setup with three decks having four face up cards in the center of the table. Players play cards in front of themselves so you never have to hold anything in your hand because we are an open book in this organization. The game is played over several rounds in which players take one action each doing the following: -Acquiring Duckaiju, Acolytes, or Devout cards -Producing or trading Kaijuice -Performing card specific actions. Each card and Kaijuice gen is worth victory points at the end of the game. Whoever has the most victory points at game end, wins. Be weary of the Kaiju-Bean. Too many of those and you could lose."

Components List:

Game Box
72 Poker Cards
Rules Sheet
57 Acrylic Gems