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Tuckbox Custom (Any Size)


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Custom tuckbox, get it any (reasonable) size you want! 

You can use this guide when creating your tuckbox:
54 gloss cards are .68" thick.
54 linen cards are .69" thick.
54 black core cards are .59" thick.


Standard (295gsm paper, thick, shiny finish) (cheapest option!)

Heavy (330gsm paper, thick, shiny finish)


  • Use the Custom Template Maker to generate a template for a custom size box, if you do not already have a template set up.
  • Tuckboxes need to be thicker than .5" to allow for proper cutting, folding and taping.
  • Custom tuckboxes may be any size you want, but must be able to fit, unfolded, onto an 11" x 17" size sheet.
  • You will need two separate pages in one PDF file - one to show the box image, and one to show the template cut and fold lines.
  • The template image must mirror the box image so that when printed to the back of the box image, it lines up (see example below).
  • Both pages of the PDF must be the same size with the image centered on the page. If these pages are not the same size and the images are not centered to the page, they will not line up when printed.
  • Make sure both pages are in one PDF file before uploading to the cart.

For other basic formatting instructions, click here.