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Custom Tokens and Boards (Any Size or Shape)


Please contact us for a quote! We can do any shape tokens for you, in our same normal turn around time! If your tokens match our standard sizes, that will be a much cheaper option, so we recommend checking that first.


Our tokens are made from ~1.4mm thick gray/brown chipboard. You can get it printed on one side or both sides, or blank on both sides for cheap prototyping. Blank tokens are thinner than printed tokens, about 1.2mm thick. We can also do dual or triple layer. The options are endless! If you have special notes, please leave them above! Such as dual layer gluing or special folding shapes.


Since this is a completely custom shape, you need to provide the template. We need 2 files. One of them is the cut file which needs to be .AI, .SVG or .EPS file. It should be simple or compound paths. For every path, the machine will cut it out, so don't leave clipping masks or multiple paths for the same shape right on top of each other. We also need the print file, like all our other uploads. Important! Remove cut layers before upload - AI Example: File → Export → Export As: JPG or PNG, [x] Use Artboards. If you don't export with artboards, the size will be the wrong size.


These will be coated and cut with a laser rather than die cutters like our standard token sizes. (There may be some light residual soot that can be cleaned, as well as a burnt smell that goes away after a few days.)

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