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Custom Tokens and Boards (Any Size or Shape)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Custom shape tokens are currently unavailable. Please contact us if you have pieces needed that are for an urgent order, and we will see how we can help. We can do any shape tokens for you, in our same normal turn around time! If your tokens match our standard sizes, that will be a much cheaper option, so we recommend checking that first.


Our tokens are made from ~1.4mm thick white chipboard. You can get it printed on one side or both sides, or blank on both sides for cheap prototyping. Blank tokens are thinner than printed tokens, about 1.2mm thick. We can also do dual or triple layer. The options are endless! If you have special notes, please leave them above! Such as dual layer gluing or special folding shapes.


Count the number of enclosed shapes present on your file. For example, if there is just one shape, choose 1-5. If there are 27 different shapes, choose 26-50. Note if you have lots of small shapes, you may need to spread them out between different uploads.


To print your images on our sheets correctly, you need to use the proper template sheet. You need to lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page. You need to upload a file with the exact specifications for us to print it properly! We have sample template sheets for you available in a link below. There is a one time per unique template, $9 custom cut charge for us to set up our machines for these files.


Since this is a completely custom shape, you need to provide the template. We need 2 files. One of them is the cut file. That is the .AI or .EPS file. When uploading to the website, make sure it is just the cut paths, NO ARTWORK, and you started from our templates, or have an artboard that is the same size as the template, or else your artwork won't line up. It should be simple or compound paths. For every path, the machine will cut it out, so don't leave clipping masks or multiple paths for the same shape right on top of each other. We also need the print file, like all our other uploads. Important! Remove cut layers before upload - AI Example: File → Export → Export As: JPG or PNG, [x] Use Artboards. If you don't export with artboards, the size will be the wrong size. >> For formatting instructions and sample template downloads for this item, click here. 


The cutting process is different than our normal diecutting. Due to the cutting plotter machine, it will slice the edge of the counter, and so will leave one edge slightly turned up with a slightly white edge instead of pressed down like our diecutting process. Please be advised that small tokens, especially with multiple cuts and sharp corners, can result in torn and/or crushed edges due to the nature of the cutting blade. Reach out to our support team for more information.


If are looking to order a large amount of your custom size, please contact us, as we should be able to get a custom die ordered for your size that will significantly decrease the price per sheet. The custom die setup cost ranges $200-400 (depending on size) and will discount your price per sheet to our standard token pricing. A custom die will take up to a few weeks to have made-up before we can begin processing your order.

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