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Stickers Custom (Any Size and Shape)


Quantity discounts
1-4 $4.99
5-14 $4.74
15-24 $4.39
25-49 $4.09
50-99 $3.74
100-199 $3.24
200+ $2.25
Quantity discounts
1-4 $3.99
5-14 $3.79
15-24 $3.51
25-49 $3.27
50-99 $2.99
100-199 $2.59
200+ $1.80


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These sticker sheets are pre cut and ready to be stickered. You can give us any shapes or sizes to cut out for this!

For a new size, there is a $20 setup charge, and then the cost per sheet. You won’t pay the setup fee again if you reorder the sheets.
Contact us for a customized quote for your project.


To print your images on our sheets correctly, you need to use the proper template sheet. You need to lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page. You need to upload a file with the exact specifications for us to print it properly! For this one, you'll submit the template file to us! 


Your files should be either 7″ x 9″ or 11″ x 16″. Your print may extend to the edge of the file. There should be 2mm of bleed around each sticker which will put a total of 4mm between each sticker’s cut lines.

We need 2 files. One file needs to have the lines showing where you need the stickers cut. We’ll use this file to set up the sticker cut lines. The second file needs to have the artwork (not the cut lines), and we’ll use that one to cut the stickers out.

-Upload the files as png files or jpg files only. 

>> For formatting instructions and template downloads for this item, click here. 


Sticker sheets will be cut into fourths and packaged as such. If you would like your sticker sheets to be packaged as full sheets, please include a comment for this in the customer notes at check out.