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Playing Cards or any other item you want custom cut out! These come fully laser cut out. Any shape is possible. Listed price is per sheet, not per card. Upload a vector file showing the card shapes, and we'll cut them out to that size! Hexes, Circles, Octagons, Custom patterns, anything that isn't a standard size, we can do it here. We can also do screens or other cards with folds. There is a $9 custom cut fee that is automatically applied at checkout. This fee is for the custom setup that is included with creating a new shape of cards. Applies only once per order.  


  • Gloss (285gsm paper, thick, shiny finish) (cheapest option!)
  • Gloss Premium Black Core (310gsm paper, glossy finish, Premium Stock. Can't see through even through strong light!)
  • Heavy Gloss (350gsm paper, very thick, glossy finish, rigid feel)
  • Matte Premium Black Core (320gsm paper, matte linen finish, Premium Stock.) - OUT OF STOCK / UNAVAILABLE
If you want a sample of these papers, get our sample pack!   


Custom cards are formatted very similarly to our regular cards. This biggest difference is that we need to know where to cut. So all custom cards will need a separate file showing where to cut.
- Custom cards should be arranged onto a 12" x 18" size sheet, utilizing only 11" x 17" area to allow for printer margins.
- Multiple cards can be fit on a page, but each card should have at least 1/4 of space between each shape.
- Any number of shapes of different sizes possible per sheet!
- Fronts should be placed on one page and backs should be placed on another page, top mirrored aligned (see image on formatting page)
- Crease lines need to be a on a separate layer.
- 1.22" square area of blank space in all four corners for our registration marks (see example below).
For formatting instructions and example templates, click here. 


These will be coated and cut with a laser rather than card cutters like our standard card sizes. (There may be some light residual soot that can be cleaned, as well as a burnt smell that goes away after a few days.)


Standard deck of 54 cards is .66" thick in gloss, matte premium black core or gloss premium black core. Your cards will be within 2mm of the size you requested.  

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Placing a last-minute order for Gen Con? Be sure to submit everything by 7/19 in order to receive your package in time! This only applies to standard orders up to $600. Please reach out to our support team with any questions regarding timeline, rush shipping, or larger orders.