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Custom Dice

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We can do engraved dice! Takes a little longer than our usual products.
Email us for a quote!
See below information on current sizes and colors.

Current Sizes and Colors

5mm, 10mm - Standard pipped. These are the smallest available sizes and are not customizable.

12mm - Smallest size for customizable dice. 
  • Translucent red and wooden ONLY for small runs - no other options for small runs of 12mm
  • Any color available for orders over 10k

14mm - All basic colors offered, except for pink.

16mm - Offered as rounded cubes or standard dice.




25mm - Transparent red, green and blue offered in this size for large orders (10k+).

Polyhedral - 16mm offered in black, white, ivory. 25mm offered in white only.

Wooden Dice (laser engraved, no painting)

Available Sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm


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