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Box Inserts


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Listed price is per insert.

Standard Trough Inserts

  • Standard inserts are pictured on this page with dimensions.
  • Templates and formatting information for standard inserts are found here. To add artwork, download the template, add artwork, hide guidelines and save file. Upload and add to the cart using this page.

Custom Inserts

  • For reusing an old design, select the "Custom Insert – Reusing Old Design (+$9)" option and enter in your previous order number into the description box for us to refer to.
  • For using a new design requiring us to set up a vector file for your custom insert size, select the "Custom Trough/Divider Insert (+$20)" option. The $20 setup fee covers a very basic rectangular design for the trough or simple divider insert with no extra special cuts.
  • For custom inserts, be as descriptive as possible in the details section with dimensions layout information, etc.. If you have a sketch of your insert that you would like to send us, place the order first and then use the Contact Page dropdown selection for "I have placed an order and I need to upload files or add notes to my order" to send your sketch to us.
  • If you have a more complicated insert request that does not fall under the "simple trough/divider" category, please contact us first before ordering using this custom insert page.


All inserts use standard gloss (285gsm cover cardstock).  


We recommend that the image you use for the insert be a solid color or something with a pattern that doesn't rely on the template fold lines. A few of the insert templates have more than one on the sheet. If you are ordering more than one insert, make sure to put one insert on each of the insert cut lines on the sheet.
Example: If you are ordering 3 different inserts, put one of each design on the sheet, and put "qty 3". If you are ordering 3 inserts that are the same, put the same design in all the templates on the sheet.
The quantity box is for how many inserts you are ordering, NOT how many are on the sheet.  

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