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3D Printed Miniatures

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3D Printed Figures (standard prototype: White PLA) Turn your ideas into models! Using FDM 3D-Printing technology, we can convert your 3D files into models from all standard 3D file types (.stp, .stl, .obj, .sldprt, and more), and we can scale your model to the size of your choice. We print with white PLA, as seen below, for a durable, easily customizable figurine or model!   Price Table See the table below for prices; for “length”, please round up the longest dimension of your model (between height, width, and depth) for your estimate. If your print job has lots of complexities, it may increase the print time.


Length (mm)1-1011-2526-5051-100101+































Resolution and Print Quality Do note that while we can print a resolution of down to 0.4 mm, the details of extremely small features may be obscured or even unprintable. If one of your models will have difficulty printing, we’ll be sure to contact you to discuss our options!   Have artwork but no 3D file? We may be able to help! Contact us for pricing on conversion of your artwork files into a 3D model that we can design and print for you!   Timeline With the 3d printing process, your order may take an extra day or so for us to check the files and print and finish the miniatures.

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