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20×20” Bi Fold Deluxe Board


Quantity Discounts - Pricing is per Board:
1-4 $29.50
5-14 $28.03
15-24 $27.14
25-99 $25.96
100+ $24.78
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These are some top notch looking boards!

You can get it blank for your own prototyping or fully printed. 


Chipboard: 2mm thick chipboard. This Deluxe folding board is backed by a black embossing. 


To print your images on our sheets correctly. you need to use the proper template sheet. You need to lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page. You need to upload a file with the exact specifications for us to print it properly! 

Note: This board is printed on our Large Format Inkjet Printer, so the color may be a little different than other boards. The other deluxe boards are printed using a semi-gloss label stock, while the Large Format prints to a smooth matte label stock.


There will be a slight black margin around the edge of the board - the print will not extend all the way out to the edge of the board. 

Text needs to remain 1/4" away from the edge of your file.

>> For formatting instructions and template downloads for this item, click here. 


Closed Size: 10″ x 20″
Open Size: 20″ x 20″



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