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Wood Discs (15mm x 4mm)


Quantity Discounts (Cards and Tokens, pricing is per Sheet, NOT per card/token. See DESCRIPTION for how many cards/tokens you get per sheet ordered)
1-14 $0.16
15-49 $0.14
50-99 $0.14
100-249 $0.13
250-999 $0.13
1000-2499 $0.11
2500+ $0.10


Standard Eurodisc size Use this sticker sheet size to best match this disc: .5" Circle Want your colors to most accurately match our wood discs? Use these CMYK values when printing to best match our wood products. Note: These values are not the same across all our wood products. They will not match exactly due to wood grain / different color batches / printer color differences, but they are a very close match.

Black: (55,55,55,100)
Blue: (88,48,0,0)
Brown: (4,80,86,60)
Green: (85,0,95,10)
Gray: (22,20,40,30)
Natural: (11,25,40,0)
Orange: (1,75,97,0)
Pink: (0,70,13,13)
Purple: (22,74,7,52)
Red: (1,98,92,10)
White: (0,0,0,0)
Yellow: (0,8,100,3)