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Celebrating 10 Years of Business!

Thank you for stopping by to see what clients are saying about our work! We take great pride in our commitment to customer service — just one way we work at fulfilling our mission while realizing our vision to enrich communities through gaming.


Balancing our drive to achieve quick turnaround with our focus on quality work does present a challenge, but we would not have it any other way. We look forward to helping get your games to ALL the tables.


Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games
Print & Play Games is my go-to prototype company. Andrew’s level of service and customization has been incredibly helpful to Stonemaier Games over the years, both for playtest prototypes and early review prototypes.


Michael Coe, Gamelyn Games
Print & Play Games has been a staple in prototype making for Gamelyn Games over the years. We have used Print & Play Games to prototype every one of our games. They are friendly and fast, and the latter makes all the difference when trying to achieve perfectly timed previews of a game. I highly recommend Print & Play Games.


Kolossal Games
Working with the team at Print & Play Games has been incredible from our very first project – Western Legends – and beyond. Print & Play is fast and can tackle any project – even custom needs like we had for Kami-sama with our special puzzle board. The quality of our preview copies is often noted. We are so appreciative of the work the Print & Play team does to help provide a positive first impression of our games.


Nick Little, Indie Boards & Cards
Print & Play Games always does an excellent job of making our prototypes. Print & Play is quick and cost-effective. We wouldn’t think about using anyone else.


Chad Elkins, 25th Century Games
I used [Print and Play] most recently for Space Explorers and our last campaign Christmas Lights the Card Game. Always happy with the quality of work and helpful folks.


Randy Hoyt, Foxtrot Games
Print Play Games provides us an invaluable service! We’ve used them to create prototypes for play testers, Kickstarter preview copies, and even promotional items like prints and cards. Print & Play has a wide variety of standard game pieces and cardboard shapes. And, Print & Play made the custom tile and card sizes we needed for Lanterns, Spy Club, and our other games. Their turnaround time is the best in the industry, and we’re able to get through multiple iterations much more quickly. For example, we had Print & Play make new campaign decks for Spy Club and mail them straight to play testers every month during our main design and development. This means we were able to get play tester feedback right away. Print & Play Games has been able to handle just about every custom element we’ve come up with, so we can spend less time making the prototypes and more time designing and developing.


Carla Kopp, Weird Giraffe Games
If you ever want to get fancy versions of your games made, @PrintPlay is the way to go! They’re fast and friendly and everyone I’ve talked to there is super nice. I highly recommend them!


Dawson Cowals, Cohort VIII Games
So glad I live local to the great team at @PrintPlay who managed to get updated cards and player boards done for #RatfinkScurryAndScamper in in time for them to be demoed in Designer Alley at @SG_Summit tomorrow!! Huge kudos to the whole team! Thanks all!!


Burnt Island Games
Take 3: Mighty impressive @PrintPlay! These 2nd round prototype components for #IntheHalloftheMountainKing that we are going to use for @originsgames are stunning!! Thanks so much ?


Jonathan H. Liu, Senior Editor, GeekDad
I review a lot of Kickstarter prototypes, and lately I’ve seen several prototypes arriving from Print & Play Games. I’ve been impressed with the quality of their prototypes, and often the people I play with are surprised to find that they aren’t finished copies. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a top-notch printed prototype.


Chris Peach, Kid Loves Tiger Games
We have used Print and Play many times, and of all those times, some minor mistakes but over the moon satisfaction with their Customer Service and the quality of the product delivered. If you are making anything Board or Card game related, there is no one we prefer more!


Tamar Kaloustian
My first time using Print & Play and was so happy with their customer service! I was on a strict deadline to get prototypes in time for a Kickstarter video. They found out that the files I sent were not the correct size to have prototypes printed. They made the necessary changes and rush shipped them so I can get them in time. Everything looks great! There was one small issue when we reordered with a smaller board size (they used an older image which we had updated because of a typo). When I reached out to Mike and explained the situation, he fixed it and resent all the boards we ordered at no extra charge. Great company and wonderful staff to work with. Thank you Mike and Jess!


Tom McLain
I’ve been fortunate enough to make three satisfying purchases through PnPGames, all of which were limited run items no longer featured on the website. Not only did I receive fast, friendly customer service on all of my transactions, my last order of Dune Express was literally 48 hours from order to my doorstep. I wish every game company was this fast, professional and affordable!


Bill Jaffe
Been a customer for many years, and always love the service and attention to detail. This time was no different, a card game based on a board game, a few sketchy details, all worked out and produced beautifully.


Peter Emanuel
As an artist I like to make art that reminds me of good times and things from the past (  I’ve been working with Print and Play for over 3 years and if you look at every Mandala I have made you will see their wooden cubes, colored tiles, and other game pieces.  It is really frustrating to run out of pieces halfway through a task, which is why Print and Play’s fast shipping is really appreciated.  Thanks for the support.


Ingrid Heller, Gungho Publishing
I was a bit nerve wracked launching a game solo for the first time, with so many moving parts: designing, writing, editing, finding the right vendors, etc. Print Play Games really took off the edge with their stellar customer service, excellent printing quality, quick processing time and extremely professional email communication. Thank you Print Play Games!