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Meet The Team

Operations Manager/Quotes Master
Jess is usually buried in emails, making sure every custom order and quote is as perfect as it can be. Got a large project with loose ends? Jess is the one to talk to! When she isn't running the numbers and organizing quotes, Jess can be found in the box room sending out packages left and right. Jess is also an artist and her art is the prettiest art of all the art. (Jess is the Jim Halpert of co-management)
Operations Manager/Marketing Guy
Todd is usually running around the office, keeping everything in tip top shape. When he's not supporting the team he's connecting with protospiels and sharing on social media. Todd operates @ImagineAllTheMeeple in his spare time; photographing board games for publishers around the world! (Todd is the Michael Scott of co-management)
Imagine All The Meeple
Processing Manager/Wizard
Jeremy oversees the processing department; waking up while everyone else is fast asleep and making sure the orders are clean, formatted, and ready to be released into the wild. He knows our printers and processes like the back of his hand! Off the clock, Jer puts on his housecoat and wins ALL the video games with little to no effort.
Construction Manager/Giant
Whether it's a mini card game or a big box, role-playing, monstrosity, Eric is here to make it happen. He can do any and all of the crafting and has extensive knowledge of board game processes and procedures as he himself is a game designer! When he isn't overseeing construction, Eric can be found working on his upcoming luchador card game, Solo Una Noche (Kickstarter coming soon!).
Solo Una Noche
Support Team Lead/Quotes and Formatting Sage
Tyler is our customer support extraordinaire and is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have! In addition to support, Tyler also spends his time working on custom quotes and formatting special projects. Off the clock he enjoys dungeon mastering, beating everyone on his first board game playthroughs and long walks on the beach!
Equipment & Special Projects Guy
Ezra is our hybrid construction worker who handles some of the more technical machines throughout the shop. Any weird or custom-cut shapes end up on his desk to cut, laser or assemble! In his off time, Ezra uses his construction knowledge to build other things, like houses. Not as cool as board games but still cool I guess.
Processing Guru
Paul is our in-house processing tech with a knack for formatting and a wealth of printer knowledge. Paul is responsible for all of the printed material as they first come into the world and does his best to instill important life lessons within their first few minutes of existence. At home Paul lives the life of a walking contradiction; being a kind and quiet soul who simultaneously enjoys death metal. He also prefers winter.
Shipping Overlord/Construction
Seth handles all outgoing mail here at P&P, making sure everyone gets their order as fast as possible and in pristine condition. When not taping and labeling, Seth can be found in the construction room practicing teamwork. Seth lives and breathes board games with an absolute ton of hobby knowledge and gameplay experience. Stop by his Instagram @seth.on.board to see what he's playing!

Part-Time/On-Call Staff

The true “secret sauce” behind Print & Play is our amazing part-time and on-call staff.┬áSo much of all the cutting, taping, sorting, stacking, wrapping, sticking, cranking, organizing, counting, weighing, filling, bagging, and more gets done by these wonderful people!


Full of youth and vigor, our whole team has the energy to pick up the pace and meet your deadline. We enjoy a variety of employee perks including a giant game library and fun play space. We take turns crankin’ tunes in the shop and, you know that candy we drop in each filled order? There may be much MUCH more of it lying around the office at all times!


Like to know how all of this game making and candy consumption got started? The founder of Print & Play Games has the basics of the story for you here on the Company History page. Or go to the Testimonial page to find out what Jamey Stegmaier and other customers are saying about our work.