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Thanks for your interest in adding a game to!

We get a lot of requests for putting print and play games on our website. Many have print and play files available on BGG. And that is part of the story of how our business began.

Making your game available for sale on our website is certainly something we want to do. But, there are a few things that we ask designers to do before we post your game on the site.

Three Basic Steps

1) Order a copy or two of your game from us. This helps us ensure that a) you are happy with the product and b) you understand the service we are providing.

2) Get some buzz going. Use a copy of the game you order from us to demo at game groups and gaming events you attend. Do you have a BGG page for the game? Do you have a website? Is there are a place for feedback or community discussion? We want to be able to refer customers to you when need be.

3) Create enough interest for a 1st print run. Before we post your game on our website, we want to see enough interest to make 10 – 15 copies. This gives us enough capital to cover all the setup and get things rolling. You will pay for the first 10 copies, and either we can ship them to you, or store them. Once the game goes live, once we sell those copies that we’ve stored here, you’ll be reimbursed for the copies you bought. 

What comes next?

We just have a soft agreement with designers. You retain all rights to your files and can remove the game from our website at any time. We also hold the right to take down your game should we need to.  We give out 5% of the sales price of any games that we sell by any channels we sell your games at. We run the royalty report at minimum once a year,  and anything over $15 can be cashed out at that time, via check, paypal (minus fees) or cashed in for store credit (+20%).

That pretty much covers it. We love helping people get their games made and played. So, we hope this works out for you. We will be here and ready when you are.

Let us know if you have any questions, and if you’re ready to move forward, send us an email!