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Game Convention Calendar

We go to a lot of game conventions every year! If you want free delivery to a convention we are going to, you can see the free delivery date below. As long as you order by that time (and your files are good), we will get you free pickup at the convention at our booth.

If you order after that time, we can definitely still get it done for you, but most likely it’ll require a rush charge to be able to get it done in time. We work all the way up till a few days before the convention and can still get stuff done on time. Often times we’ll throw small packages into our luggage if you order really late. (Yes, you still have to pay the rush fee, our luggage does cost money, often we pay for an extra suitcase due to this!)

To get free delivery for a show:

Order by the deadline (usually 2 weeks before the convention), use coupon code “ConventionDelivery” , and mention the convention in the order notes.