Customer Feedback

Here at our Print & Play Games shop we’ve been printing and constructing games for years, as well as retailing quality game bits.  As not-necessarily-a-new-year’s-resolution we’ve decided to dedicate some energy to getting better at sharing feedback from you all. This is a work in progress as we get time and we are adding them popcorn-style.

Here’s what a few of our satisfied customers took the time to write and send to us:

6/21/2016 – I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU, that box you sent out early helped us so much. I waited to late to order and it helped us get out a ton of back orders. Thank you so much for thinking of sending it earlier! xoxo (Dana)

6/8/2016 – Thanks to everyone at Admagic and Print and Play for this wonderful game. We love how everything turned out! We are looking forward to working with you guys when we launch our Kickstarter and hopefully get funded to mass produce it. Thanks again for your time and effort. (Kevin and the team)

5/25/2016 – I wanted to thank you for the job you did on my map board project. It looks fantastic and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve purchased games from you, and I’ve sent you files to produce gamed that other people created, so I know you do excellent work. But I’ve never sent you anything I created and I was (frankly) apprehensive. I mean it’s only a prototype, but I didn’t think it would turn out all that well, considering my lack of design skills and the fact that I had to use MS Paint to do it with. Anyway, it’s beautiful, I’m happy, and Thanks again! (Lee)

4/27/2015 – Thanks Tami! Just placed a large order for the last of our prototype needs – thank you SO MUCH for all your help – we will be sending out prototypes and launching our Kickstarter soon thanks to you guys – we’ve been talking you up on our instagram and twitter accounts – and we will definitely be using you again in the future for our next game (a heist dice game that we’ll be starting on in July!) Thanks again – we really appreciate everything! (Michael)

4/25/2015 – I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I (Already!) received my order and am super, super happy with it. I can’t believe how quick, easy, and inexpensive it was to make my project happen. Thanks for all your help! (Sean) 

4/18/2015 – My order arrived very promptly and was fully complete–including the additional items I requested. And a small candy. Thank you. (Greg)

4/15/2015 – I just received my order ahead of schedule and I just wanted to say you guys did a fantastic job!I’m super impressed with what you guys did and you guys have made a loyal customer. Thanks again! (Mitch)

4/9/2015 – Wow received my order today. Wow. This is truly amazing work. Excellent service and excellent quality. Very hard to find a company like you and I’m glad I did! I look forward to using you again in the future for my work! Thanks again! (Jesse)

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you know the game-board package has arrived and we are very happy with the results. Thanks for all your hard work with this project. We will now sit down and review the game and will let you know how we wish to proceed in due course. Thanks again. (Gary)

-I just wanted to leave a quick [Facebook] review for these guys… They’re AWESOME! We had a great experience with them this past Christmas. I was trying to get a custome board game printed as a gift for my brother-in-law (it was such a headache working with other companies first) – but Print & Play Games went above and beyond! They were quick, easy to work with, etc! 5 STARS (Jason)

Hello Mr. Tullsen, I just wanted to send in a quick email to give praise to a member of your support team who has been assisting me over the last week with an order I will be making today. I was nervous about using your site as I’ve never created a custom game, and it was just a fun personal project that I felt very daunted by. [Your staff] has been incredibly patient and helpful with me throughout the process, taking the time to answer my questions and even double check my templates to see if I understood them properly, ensuring I wouldn’t order something incorrectly. She has provided helpful suggestions and insight into what materials are best for my project, and has been an all-around wonderful person to work with. I truly appreciate her help and patience, and just wanted to make sure someone else on the team at Print & Play knows that she’s doing a great job. Thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to placing my order as soon as I’m done with my last adjustments! (Hannah)

-All of the boards are very well-done, and more polished than some professionally printed boards. (Greg – custom mounted boards)

-Everything was awesome, and really great quality. (Aaron, Customer since ’09)

-You’re going to get me into a lot of trouble Andrew!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!! You do amazing work, to say the least. (Jim – went on to order another $700 worth of games)

-Andrew made some excellent Print&Play games for me. I couldn’t be happier with the work he did on them. (Gene, Customer since ’09)

-Fantastic, high quality print and play components. (Brad)

-Wow! Andrew sure knows how to put together Print-n-Play games! (Matt)

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