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Crowd Funding Support

Kickstarter Experience

The slides above show some of the many Kickstarter campaigns our work has supported. Below are links to many excellent resources you can use to develop your plan for running a successful crowd funding campaign.

Here at Print & Play, we are at work daily with Kickstarter and other crowd funding campaign creators to produce high-quality review, demo & preview copies of their games. Trust us in saying that the more you pour into growing a community around your project before you start your campaign, the better.

When Crowd Funding, Community Comes First

Yes, your design is up on the stage. But, you need a community paying attention to what is happening on that stage. Every step of your design process you can be (should be?) gathering contact info and growing community support for your game. Like when you are using cheap prototypes that help you through early play testing to design a solid game. And, then when the full art (with rules) blind play testing copies hit the street. And later, when you want quality physical copies of your game in the hands of content creators weeks before you launch your campaign.

Physical Copies of Your Game Light the Way

The lights and cameras are on! You want people to get the best impression possible of your creation. In order to run a successful crowd funding campaign for a tabletop game it helps to show players, reviewers, and other influencers a high-level of attention to detail in the production of your project. Pictures of physical copies of your work in action at the local game group looking great are priceless. Your game being featured by Tantrum House, Man vs. Meeple, Rahdo, and other crowd funding preview content creators is great too! Those paying attention know the quality of our work.

Good Research and Hard Work Will Pay Off

Print & Play Games is a team of dedicated and passionate gamers who want to help you get your project made and played. If you have questions, please contact us. A team member will get in touch with you to assist with any parts of the process you need – from formatting files to direct shipping to any address. Our clients consistently praise the support we show them through the quality of our work and our personalized service.

Want to Hit Us with a Challenge?

Have a special something in mind for your game? We can help. Have custom pieces to add to your games?  Ship them to us and we will add them to each package.  Need to send 10 copies to 10 different playtesters and reviewers in a couple of days?  We can help with that!  Need a custom game box? We do that, too. Each order is handled personally by our skilled production team to get your game shipped quickly so it’s where you need it, when needed.

Ok. Here’s More!

Have fun using the links below to research some of the best tips, tricks and more for running your crowdfunding campaign. If you are looking to find game reviewers/previewers, find more links in the 3rd section of the Game Design Resources page. Remember, we are looking forward to helping you get your games to ALL the tables!

The Kickstarter Resources Compendium
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