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Make sure you review our Main Formatting Page regarding bleed and basic template use! And then see the special notes for your item below as well as the templates.


Folding boards will be made of two or more attached panels. Try not to have important text on the folds of the board. Due to the cutting process, a little bit may get cut off, especially if your text is very small.

Deluxe Board Templates

New template for 20×20 boards as of October 2021.

Bi-Fold11″ x 17″ PSD PDFJPG
Quad-Fold18″ x 18″ PSD PDFJPG
Bi/Quad Fold20″ x 20″ PSD PDFJPG
Quad-Fold24″ x 18″ PSD PDFJPG


Custom Boards

For custom boards, we don’t have templates.


You must submit a board print file and the exact dimensions you want it printed at. We will resize your board print file to fit if it’s not the exact same dimensions as you request. We need a line showing where to cut. So on the outside of the board, if you want a white edge, make sure to have an outer dark thin line for us to trim to.


We can print any size board/panel, up to 12.5″ by 18.5″. We print on a larger sheet, and then trim it down to whatever dimensions you give us. Your full board size may be made of two or more panels.

Uploading to the Website 

ALL of the templates will specify how you need to export the files to upload successfully to the website. We provide many file types for ease of design, but we may not accept all of those types. Exporting exactly as the template says will ensure your game looks like it looks on your screen!