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Greetings Game Makers & Breakers!


11/7/2018: Print & Playtest is currently on hold. We have had a staffing change and need to reset.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to getting Print & Playtest back up and running soon. ūüôā¬†




Below is the description of the initial version Print & Playtest. We will leave it up for now and update when ready to relaunch. Thanks again for all those that have already expressed interest and those that have participated. Keep having a great time printing and play testing games!


Beginning Oct. 1, 2018 Print & Play AdMagic will host a bi-weekly, intimate gathering of game designers and playtesters for the purpose of playing and critiquing projects that are still in development, Print & Playtest.  We will live-stream each event as a way of connecting the local (Portland/Vancouver) gaming community with our supporters around the world.  Each gathering will be held at a different location as a way of showcasing the many ways tabletop gaming is a part of our local culture.  We want YOU to join us!


On Print & Playtest we will live-stream a panel of tabletop gamers playing and critiquing 1 Р2 projects in development, along with participant interviews and MORE!   We are looking for designers with projects that are ready for public testing and willing to have them honestly critiqued online by a panel of playtesters.  If you would like to be a part of these events, please review our scheduling page HERE; locations with accompanying addresses are confirmed at this time.  To join us, or if you have questions regarding these events, email our Community Manager, at with the following:


  • Your full name
  • Date(s) you would like to participate
  • Whether you would like to take part as a Game designer or Playtester
  • If you are participating as a Game Designer:
    • Include the name of your game and a short description. ¬†
    • Your game must be unpublished and accepting feedback from playtesters.
    • If you would like to have your game featured on Print & Playtest but are unable to join us in person, let us know in your email so arrangements can be made. ¬†Live-stream recording priority will be given to designers who are present for the gathering on the day they requested.
  • Playtesters must be willing to appear and speak candidly live & on camera while playing and providing constructive critiques for developing tabletop games. ¬†


Share your games; share your passion.  Join us for Print & Playtest!