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Dimensions for Custom Tuckbox

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All tuckboxes come printed or blank and they are fully assembled (they ship flat to avoid damage).

We now offer a heavier gloss stock option for tuckboxes. You will notice that there are options for “Blank”, “Printed”, and now “Blank (350gsm)” and “Printed (350gsm)”. To compare, the standard option for tuckboxes is 295gsm gloss stock. We do not offer the windowed tuckboxes with the heavier stock.

All our blank tuckboxes come in white and will come folded and taped. Ignore the “file not uploaded” error message when selecting these. Note that for a custom tuckbox, even if you want it all in white, since you still need to upload the pdf showing where it should folded/cut, it is not considered a “blank” tuckbox. Therefore, custom tuckboxes will always be “printed”.

Custom tuckboxes can be any size you want.
Note, it does need to be thicker than 1/2″ wide to allow for proper cutting, folding and gluing.
We need all the template lines showing to be able to cut it out correctly.
Use this generator here if you need to generate a custom size: Custom Template Maker

If you are getting a custom tuckbox, you enter in the dimensions in the box provided.
Every 18 cards is 1/4″ thick. (So 54 cards should be at least .75″ thick).

If you need a lot (50+) of a custom sized tuckbox, let us know, we can get you a quote.


  • A 54 card deck (any of our card types) is 0.75″ thick.
  • The tuckbox for 54 sleeved poker cards is 2.78″ x 3.78″ x 1″.
  • The tuckbox for 54 poker cards is 3.66″ by 2.58″ by .75″
  • The tuckbox for 54 poker cards plus dice is 4.27″ by 2.66″ by 0.75″
  • The tuckbox for 75 poker cards is 3.66″ by 2.58″ by 1″
  • The tuckbox for 75 small square cards is 3.07″ by 3.07″ by 0.88″
  • The tuckbox for 108 poker cards is 5.12″ by 3.66″ by 0.75″. It will also fit 54 of our large 3.5″ by 5″ cards.
  • The tuckbox for 36 small index cards is 5.12″ by 3.07″ by 0.51″
  • The tuckbox for 60 business cards is 3.67″ by 2.05″ by 0.88″

Go here to download our standard tuckbox templates: Tuckbox Templates

A few of the tuckbox templates have more than one tuckbox on the sheet. If you are ordering more than one tuckbox, make sure to put one tuckbox on each of the tuckbox cut lines on the sheet.
Example: If you are ordering 3 different tuckboxes, put one of each design on the sheet. Don’t upload anything for the second and third tuckboxes and ignore the “file not uploaded” error.

The “QTY” box is for how many tuckboxes you are ordering, NOT how many are on the sheet.

Be sure to add bleed (extend the background colors 2mm PAST all the edges of the template).

We ONLY need the black title text on the sheet, remove/hide all the other grid lines and template lines on the sheet. Except for custom tuckboxes, see above for custom tuckbox instructions.

-Upload the files as png files or jpg files only. We are not accepting pdf files due to potential formatting issues. 

Shrinkwrapping is now available for all tuckbox+card orders! Just put it in the order notes!

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS (printed tuckboxes only)

54 poker, 36 poker and 60 business tuckboxes have the following discounts:
3+ tuckboxes: 15% off
9+ tuckboxes: 25% off
24+ tuckboxes: 34% off
45+ tuckboxes: 43% off
90+ tuckboxes: 52% off
150+ tuckboxes: 61% off
300+ tuckboxes: 70% off
600+ tuckboxes: 75% off

75 poker, 75 small square, 54 poker + dice, and 36 small index tuckboxes have the following discounts:
4+ tuckboxes: 15% off
10+ tuckboxes: 25% off
20+ tuckboxes: 34% off
60+ tuckboxes: 42% off
100+ tuckboxes: 55% off
200+ tuckboxes: 63% off
400+ tuckboxes: 68% off

Our other standard printed tuckboxes are discounted as follows:
5+ tuckboxes: 10% off
10+ tuckboxes: 15% off
25+ tuckboxes: 20% off
50+ tuckboxes: 25% off
100+ tuckboxes: 40% off
250+ tuckboxes: 45% off
500+ tuckboxes: 50% off
1000+ tuckboxes: 55% off