The Artifact

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THE ARTIFACT is a space opera using the Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident game system. Three to eight players take over such roles as the Mad Scientist, the Space Pirate Captain, the Phone Company, or a mystery Alien. Because the format is four way blind, and the players are uncertain of each other’s motives, the fog of war is a formidable obstacle in this new gaming genre.

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The Artifact games will include: 5 B+W Rulebooks and 2 sets of the character sheets, 5 Glossary Foldouts, 400+ double sided counters, 2 dice, 4 sets of Maps.
All The Artifact games include a full copy of Last Frontier, with the Feynman Scenario.

NOTE: Artifact sets might come packed in the Last Frontier box art.

Different versions of the game:
-Classic (boxed set)- 1/2″ 3mm thick counters, 4x 17″ x 22″ paper maps, Box.
-Designer Wood Block – 5/8″ 4mm thick black prestickered wood blocks, 9 folding mounted boards, Box. (If it’s not listed as in stock, it may take a few extra days to ship)