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InĀ Stranded, you score victory points by constructing colony buildings and by investigating the alien ship. But, in addition to competing for access to best buildings and newly discovered technologies, you must negotiate how you will work together with other players to complete the colony or escape via the alien ship.

Each turn players take a number of actions with their explorers cubes depending on the cards they play. These actions can include: Claiming a part of the colony, which requires a set number of explorers, or claiming an alien technology for which you use your explorers to 'outbid' other players. Colony buildings and ship technologies when claimed are added to your hand of cards, thus increasing your ability to take additional actions in future turns.

Colony building and actions that repair the alien ship can be done collaboratively--and players can negotiate the completion of a specific building or the repair of a part of the ship to their mutual advantage.

The game ends when either the colony is completed or the ship is fully repaired. Since, players are awarded extra points for correctly forecasting the outcome which ends the game, ad hoc alliances are formed as players seek to steer the game to their chosen conclusion.


Contents List:

Mounted hex tokens
8mm cubes
15mm x 4mm discs
Rule booklet and rules sheet
Poker and large cards