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Printed & Blank Sticker Sheets. These sticker sheets are pre cut and ready to be stickered. All of the blank sheets are for laser printers but can also just be written on with a pencil/pen. If you want printed sheets, download the template and then upload it.

Not all the different types of paper are available for every size of sticker. Note: The 1.2″ Circle “Standard” sheet has a glossy feel.

– 2″ Circles are our newest sticker option.
– “Polyhedrals for Numbered Dice” are specifically for our numbered (and colored) polyhedral dice. This sticker sheet comes with all 5 size options for these dice.

( ) – The number in parenthesis is how many stickers are on that sheet.

Most of the flat wood and plastic parts can be stickered on both sides. The gallery above shows a few of the many projects that have used sticker sheets. The parts in the link below list the stickerable parts. They also have the correct sticker size listed on their page, so you can make sure to get the sticker sheet that matches the correct piece.
All parts that can be stickered

For printing on the sheets. the proper template sheets are linked below
For easier viewing, you can change it to a list or if you have fast internet connection you can download them all.
All PSD & PDF Templates

We have png, pdf and psd files available for all the different sizes.
When using the file upload above, make sure the file:

  • Is Letter size (8.5″ by 11″)
  • Is a PNG/JPG format
  • Is 300 DPI
  • The grid lines are not visible
  • Has bleed room on all sticker edges
  • Note that the printer doesn’t print on the 1/4″ edge of each sheet

Make sure to use bleed on all sides of each sticker. When saving as pdf, merge all the layers before saving so the pdf is smaller. See the following link for more information on formatting:
Formatting Guidelines

-Upload the files as png files or jpg files only. We are not accepting pdf files due to potential formatting issues. 

Sticker sheets will be cut into fourths and packaged as such. If you would like your shicker sheets to be packaged as full sheets, please include a comment for this in the customer notes at check out.

5x sheets | 5% off
15x sheets | 12% off
25x sheets | 18% off
50x sheets | 25% off
100+ sheets | 35% off
200+ sheets | 55% off

Sticker Shape Circle, Polyhedral, Rectangle, Square