Social City


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In this educational strategy game for ages 5 and up, players identify whether a problem is a bump (little problem), hill (medium problem) or mountain (big problem) by considering the time, money and people involved. As they navigate the streets of the board, they collect resource tokens of time, money and people to solve problems of different sizes.

This game provides great replay value, with a board that can be put together differently every time, 200 scenario cards to discuss, opportunities for players to generate their own scenarios, and an element of strategy that makes it more engaging for students than typical roll-and-move educational games. The game can also be modified by the adult facilitator to fit the needs of all players.

Social City: The Board Game was developed by two educators who specialize in teaching students with autism and other social and emotional challenges. The game works well in conjunction with their Social City™ books for children – Bumps, Hills and Mountains: A Book About Identifying the Size of the Problem and The Problem-Reaction Meter: Choosing the Size of Your Reactions Find it on Amazon


The Game Includes:

18 Problem Cards

200 Senario Cards

10 Player Strips

45 Resource Tokens

5 Car Pieces

12 Board Tiles

1 Dice

1 Problem Meter

1 Reaction Meter

The Game Rulebook

The Game Box