Sci-Fi Bits

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Need to pimp out your latest Sci-Fi Game? Are you looking for some inspiration for your next prototype gaming adventure?  Well look no further! These Sci-Fi pieces and tokens are a great addition to any game or prototype.

Each set of ships comes with 3 large ships 4 small ships and 3 space orbs in 7 different colors.  That is a total of 70 game pieces!

Each set of tokens comes with 6 sets of 13 double sided 1 inch tokens, an additional set of 11 double sided 1 inch tokens with 1 unique token, 44 double sided .75in tokens, and 24 double sided .5in tokens.  That is a lot of tokens!

As always feel free to shoot us an email  ( with any questions that you may have about these components. We do have a limited supply of these tokens so grab them while you can!