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RoboDerby: Express



Link to Board Game Geek Page for more information on the game You are a bored supercomputer, and -- without anything better to do -- you and your fellow supercomputers are racing underling worker robots around the factory floor. You must program the robots with movement instructions in order to navigate them and be the first to make it back to the finish line.  

Version Info:

Base Set: Includes the 2-player set - 12 indented dice with stickers, 4 mounted boards, box, rules.
Deluxe Version: Includes the base game set (above), plus the 3rd wheel expansion, the 4th player, tricks and traps, Hard Core boards, Capture the Flag variant boards and counters: 29 boards (mounted) 31 dice (indented dice, with stickers) 4 board references 1 player ref board 50 counters Box Rules