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Tokens Custom (Standups)



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If you have a stand-ups that don’t fit our die cut counters, or you are looking for a more customized stand-up, we can make rectangular stand-ups to any dimension. Send any files to to get a price quote before uploading files. Price will be per page and will depend on the number and shape of counters.  These are mounted on 1.5mm Chipboard and fit well in our Large Stands or Small Stands.


Transparent Standups

These can be ordered the same way as chipboard standups with the same cost. Just make a note in the comments at check out that you would like for them to be on transparent paper instead of chipboard. **If you need the exact image on your standups to be cut out, instead of standard rectangular standups, please contact us first, before placing your order, and we will quote you accordingly.

Small stands that transparent standups will work with - brown, pink, blue, red and yellow.


Silhouette-cut standups 

Please contact for a quote on these. These are the custom shape standups (as shown in the *people with guns* images above).

These are double sided thick label paper, not our standard 1.5mm chipboard material.


  • Custom stand-ups will need crop marks and we suggest 2mm of bleed.

  • Stand-Ups need to be formatted so that the backs are mirrored directly above the fronts.

  • Stand-Ups need to have about 1/2" extra space at the bottom to fit in the plastic stand.

  • Stand-Ups will need some sort of fold line or fold mark to indicate where the front and back meet.


Send any files to to get a price quote before uploading files.