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Rap Battle Card Game


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Rhymes Rule Da Room!
Rap Battle is a party game for all ages where players draw outrageous lyric cards that they must find a way to use in a short freestyle rap!


Players are randomly paired with an opponent to battle against. Each player draws up to 7 lyric cards. One player cues up their favorite beat (from their phone or any other device) and players have until the beat stops to complete their rap.


After two opponents finish rapping, everyone votes for the doper freestyle. The more lyric cards used, the more favorably a player is judged, but unused lyric cards are judged negatively. The player who delivered the doper freestyle earns one "Battle Point". The first player to reach five "Battle Points" is the champ!


Contents List:

Box - 5" x 8.5" x 1.4"
162 Cards
40 Battle Tokens
8 Voting Tokens