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Measurement Toolbox


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Build Measurement Fluency for the Trades!
Knowing fractional measurement is the key to success in any skilled trade job. Measurement is easy to learn and practice with these fractional playing cards. These cards can be used anywhere regular playing cards are used. Building fluency with fractions is as easy as playing games with these cards.

There are three suits of 18 cards. Any game you can play with a regular deck of cards can be played with Measurement Tool box cards. Here are a few of the games you can play with these fun, fractional cards.

Go Fish: Don’t look for the pairs, but two cards that add up to 1. War: All cards are dealt to the two players and kept face down. Whoever turns over the highest card takes both cards. Slap Jack: Turn cards over slowly, look for two continuous cards that add up to one.

Contents List:

54 Cards
1 Instruction Card