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Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident





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Join the UN Colonial Marine Corps in this exciting solitaire game from FMG! Take command of a team of 12 heavily armed Marines as they board a crippled lab ship in a decaying orbit. Rescue the surviving crew, but beware of malevolent alien intruders, escaped lab animals, berserk robots and a sabotaged defense system. Work fast - the controls are smashed and the ship is plummeting towards a fiery end in the atmosphere below. The action is exciting and unpredictable from the minute you dock until the last shuttle blasts out!



This is a solo game, but since there are 12 marines, this can easily be played as a 2-4 player co-op game with each player controlling several marines. There is an official variant in the rules for playing it this way.


Different versions of the game:

-Classic - 158 3mm thick 1/2" counters, 17" x 22" paper map, 20pg rulebook, Feynman Scenario sheet (and 33 more counters), 2 dice, ziploc bag packaging.
-Designer Wood Block set - 5/8" pre-stickered black wood blocks, 3 folding mounted boards, 20pg rulebook, 2 dice, Box.
-Deluxe Wood Block set - 7/8" pre-stickered color-coded wood blocks, 5 folding mounted boards, 20pg rulebook, 2 dice, Box.