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The Landlord Game


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The Landlord Game helps players experience systemic inequality in an embodied way. It leverages players' knowledge of Monopoly, but complicates its reductive economic model which equates economic success with ‘winning, and as the 'survival of the fittest'.

Unlike Monopoly, which assumes a level socioeconomic playing field, Landlord more closely reflects actual inequities under the current American economy. Players quickly find that on the gamut of roles from Owner to Manager to Employee to Unemployed, it is increasingly difficult to avoid bankruptcy as the game progresses. In Landlord, this is precisely the point! By adjusting these and other rules to effect real-world economic disparities at the start of the game, Landlord aims to stimulate a frustration so comically absurd that gameplay evolves into a discussion among the players around the systemic inequities of contemporary capitalism.

For more information on the game, please visit The Landlord Game website, here.

Contents List:

11.38" x 11.38" x 2" printed box
Play money
Rule booklet
18x18 quad folding board
Square and circle tokens
Polyhedral dice