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Any Size Custom Folding Board


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We can print nearly any size board! It'll need to fold down to smaller than 12.5" by 18.5". Use the board calculator to figure out how we can fold the board down.


1. Plug in the dimensions for the board in the calculator below. You will then see the different size options for the board. The first numbers show the actual folded down size. Pick which option you want for your board. 2. Go above and select the Size Sheet shown by the calculator. 3. Select how many pieces it is going to fold into. 4. Then enter the full dimensions of the board so we know how big to print it.


Link to Calculator if above does not show up


Say you wanted a 20" by 20" board, folded down to 10" by 10".  Put in 20 and 20 into the page calculator above and click Calculate. You will see 2 options:
  • 6.6667" by 10" sheets (Small Board) - 6 pgs- 6 piece folding board.
  • 10" by 10" sheets (Medium Board) - 4 pgs- 4 piece folding board.
The important numbers are the number of pieces and the size of the sheet (Size in Parentheses). If you wanted the 4 piece folding board, you would put "Medium Board" into the top dropdown box and  "4 piece folding board" in the second drop down box to get the price. Up to 8" x 10.5" section sizes - Small Board Up to 10.5" x 16.5" section sizes - Medium Board Up to 12.5" x 18.5" section sizes - Large Board


  • Use the upload board option (right below the dropdown boxes above) to upload the full map image.
  • You do not need to add bleed.
  • We highly recommend uploading a board that is at least 300 DPI or else the board might be pixelated.
  • Make sure the dimensions given match the board file! We will resize/stretch your image to fit the dimensions requested. 
  • If you upload a pdf, make sure there are no hidden layers (save as a single layer image before saving). Otherwise there may be missing artifacts/layers in the wrong spot after the printer processes the files.
  • Make sure there is no text near the folds of the board, it may get cut off.


The printed board will be 2mm thick. We have been alternating between our white backed and brown backed chipboard, so the backsides of folding boards will be either plain brown chipboard or white paper coated, and you can see the tape on the backs of the boards along some of the folds. Note that these custom sized boards are all made by hand, so they may be slightly different in size compared to the size you requested. Our standard 2mm tolerance rule applies to the boards, so make sure text stays 2mm away from the folds and the edges of the board. With larger boards, there may be slight warping due to the thickness of the chipboard. There may also be small scratches/bumps/wrinkles in small parts of the board.

Which board fits in which box? 

Make sure you check inside dimensions of the box to make sure it can fit!  

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